CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE: Business speaker since 1997, so far invited to nearly 400 events for groups up to 1200 people.

POWER AND ENERGY: Szymon’s speeches are packed with multimedia, witty experiments and surprising findings.

BUSINESS ACUMEN: A mother lode of good business practices and some anti-lessons (as a warning!). Loads of simple business concepts and case studies.

FULLY TAILORED: Adjusting to the company’s culture and event scenario. Frequent and subtle referring to the context of a given industry and client’s challenges.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE LATEST TRENDS: a long-standing and active member of prestigious American business associations: ISPI, SHRM and ATD.

PRESENCE IN MEDIA: An author of more than 60 articles, has given about 20 interviews, invited as an expert by business TV channels.

ACADEMIC PRACTICE: A lecturer at Postgraduate Study Program at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, 2004-2008.

RENOWNED HIGHER EDUCATION: A Warsaw School of Economics graduate (full-time studies completed with a rector’s distinction).

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