Rocking the Trends Festival

Trends Festival (the biggest inspirational event in Warsaw this fall, with nearly 3K participants) hosted Szymon on the main stage with his brand new speech SISU. According to Szymon, SISU (which is a unique Finnish word, close to determination, grit and resilience) constitutes the key competency for the 21st Century.

The best speaker at the biggest HR congress

In November Szymon has delivered a speech on energy and commitment at the 30th Kongres Kadry, the biggest HR event in Poland. The speech was attended by ca. 400 participants and garnered the highest score of all 54 speakers presenting at the congress.

A keynote speaker at the tech conferences

This fall Szymon has been invited as a keynote speaker for a number of popular IT conferences and summits, including “IT Manager of Tommorow” and “Agile in Business”. These invitations has been a natural consequence of Szymon’s long-term cooperation with tech companies and IT departments all over Europe.