Best wishes for 2021

Szymon and his team wish you a great year of 2021, with many chances to bounce back and a lot of health for you and your dearest ones. Let’s hope that soon we can meet our friends face to face again, that we freely participate in concerts, festivals and sport events, and that one day we appreciate the lessons from this really weird year of 2020.

20 power webinars in November and December

Szymon is working at top speed again. Within two months, in November and December 2020, he delivered 20 power webinars for his clients, including Microsoft and GE. The most popular topics of Szymon’s speeches are “SISU” (on grit and resilience), “How to survive the lockdown (in a good shape)” and “Coping in the VUCA world”.

A new version of Szymon’s website coming soon

At the end of January 2021, a brand new version of Szymon’s website will be published, with up-to-date list of the most popular topics of power webinars, with videos explaining how Szymon works with an audience (online and face-to-face), some fresh credentials and updated bio.