Back to normal: F2F powerspeeches

After 5 months of the COVID-19 restrictions and nearly 30 “power webinars” delivered online, Szymon is back on regular stage! Starting on 2 September, long-awaited regular, face-to-face business speeches for medium-size and large audiences will be provided both for Szymon’s clients (incl. Mazda) and at the general congresses (incl. IT Manager of Tomorrow).

Fresh energy from Szymon: online

Szymon keeps on delivering webinars for large audiences. These are positive, highly energetic events, interspersed with polling, competitions and Q&A sessions. All inspirational webinars are broadcasted live from a professional studio with greenbox and high-quality recording equipment. The most popular webinars include: “Back on track”, “The Long-Distance Boss” and “Boost your energy resources”.

The brand new book on SISU out on 2 July

Szymon’s fourth book, this time on SISU (resilience, grit and tenacity), is on sale! The book is published in Polish in all formats (print, ebook, audiobook) by the Helion Publishing House. Check the publisher’s bookstore.