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Business speaker since 1997, so far invited to over 800 events for audiences of several dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

Follower of the latest trends

A long-standing and active member of international business associations such as ISPI, SHRM, and ATD, with direct access to the most recent research.

Extraordinary reviews

Voted the best speaker at many congresses in Poland, Europe and the USA; winner of independent rankings and lists of the best conference business speakers.

Presence in media

Authored over 60 articles, gave ca. 40 interviews, invited as an expert by business TV channels.

Author of four business bestsellers

“The Leader’s Journey” (on leadership), “The Business Rollercoaster” (on openness, change, and innovation), “OK, I buy it!” (on sales and customer service), and “SISU—Boost Your Grit and Resilience” (on coping with obstacles and challenges).

Business education

A graduate of the prestigious Warsaw School of Economics with two fields of studies, each completed with distinction.


Power speech

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Duration: up to 90 minutes
Group size: unlimited

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Duration: up to 75 minut
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Direct event (face to face)
Duration: 180-240 minutes

Group size: up to 120 people

Elite online workshops

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Duration: 180 minut
Group size: up to 10 managers


The acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) was coined over a quarter of a century ago. Regardless of COVID-19, we all have been living in a world of fast change and information overload; technology changes the world at a lightning pace. Mergers, acquisitions, and transformations have become the bread and butter of each company. Leaders try to convert dispersed, remote workers into cohesive teams. Meanwhile, contrary to their pledges, most employees resist the never-ending changes and cry over the “old, good times.” That is why leaders need to redefine their roles.

Perfect for: experienced leaders managing teams in a dynamic, changing environment.

  • Make them UNFREEZE: Replace destructive fears and panic with a constructive will to act.
  • Make them FOCUS: Establish a simple, crystal-clear compass in a chaotic environment.
  • Make them COHERENT: Turn your team into a supportive, coordinated commando, resistant to turbulence.
  • Make them STRIVE: Instead of special treatment, provide them with specific expectations and fair consequences.
  • Make them UNSHATTERED: Do not let the naysayers spoil the energy and destroy the team from within.
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It is not an art to manage teams in peaceful, predictable times. It is in troubled waters that your mission as a boss becomes more important than ever. When people experience shocks and uncertainties, they stick out their social antennae and carefully scrutinize authorities in the search for support and guidance. In the face of sudden, unprecedented turmoil, people expect a confident, courageous, and fair leader. Leaders should learn 10 simple practices, organized in an easy-to-remember “DPO” algorithm: direction, protection, and order.

Perfect for: managers facing sudden turbulences and a sense of danger within teams.

  • Direction: ALTERNATIVE GOAL: Find and communicate new short-term coordinates.
  • Direction: FROM STAGNATION TO ACTION: Help overcome fears and reduce rumors.
  • Direction: NO CHIPPING AND PAINTING: Get rid of mundane, low-value activities.
  • Protection: FOCUS ON SAFETY: Make health an absolute priority for everyone.
  • Protection:SECURITY FOR BUSINESS: Boost joint responsibility for the present and future of the company.
  • Protection:ENCLAVES OF STABILITY: Create solid, familiar footholds.
  • Protection:TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.
  • Order: HUMAN, YET DEMANDING: Trust is not at odds with control.
  • Order: LEADER SOMETIMES WALKS ALONE: Make a bold decision and do not hide behind the “team’s opinion” or “higher instance.”
  • Order: KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR DEFEATISTS: React quickly and help them get a grip.
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Here is a dynamic speech fostering entrepreneurship and building a startup culture in a large organization. How to break with the sit-and-wait approach and bureaucratic constraints, in favor of a climate of empowerment, initiative, and autonomy? How to turn each expert into a mini-GM in the field they are responsible for? The speech can be delivered from a managerial perspective (stimulating proactivity in a team) or a general perspective (taking courage and self-agency in everyday performance). Participants receive a handful of pragmatic hints and best practices from effective business people and leaders.

Perfect for: Organizations looking to foster ownership and break down the corporate hierarchies.

  • PERSONAL COURAGE: You can spend the whole life in a safe corner office; but is that really the point?
  • OWNERSHIP: What decision would you make if 100% of shares of this company were yours?
  • CONSTRUCTIVE WHISTLEBLOWING: The decision-makers don’t listen to naysayers; they listen to those who are committed and effective in day-to-day performance.
  • FORMING A COALITION: Beware of the syndrome of being “the only righteous guy in the whole World”; you can’t do much on your own.
  • FOLLOWERSHIP: When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to applaud and join.
  • PROACTIVITY WITHOUT BRAVADO AND UNSANCTIONED ACTION: Explain what you are going to do and give a brief justification.
  • TRUST DOES NOT EXCLUDE CONTROL: Don’t abuse the trust of others – and don’t let someone abuse your trust.
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Sisu is a unique Finnish word that means resilience, inner strength, and tenacity in the face of adversity. In the volatile, uncertain business environment, sisu grows into a key competence of the 21st century. “Sisu” is also the title of Szymon’s fourth best-selling book. Learn how your sisu is determined by your personal hardware (genes and personality), software (beliefs and attitudes), and helpdesk (people around you). Increase your ability to cope with unexpected difficulties in business and private life. Regain a sense of agency and hope for a better tomorrow.

Perfect for: everyone facing challenges and unforeseen difficulties, that is, 99% of people on the globe.

  • Your HARDWARE (genes and personality): Why are some people driven by crises and adversities to act, while others feel completely paralyzed? Why do some wallow in misery, while others just do their things?
  • Your OPERATING SYSTEM (beliefs and attitudes): How can you permanently shift your mindset in such a way as to boost optimism, proactiveness, and self-esteem?
  • Your APPS (ad-hoc “software” that you use in a moment of trial): How can you keep “mental diarrhea” under control and maintain a healthy distance? Why (and when) can a storm be a real blessing in disguise?
  • Your HELPDESK (impact of people around you): Is sisu (or the lack of it) contagious? How can you obtain support from others? Sometimes, why does everyone need not only cuddles but also a hit right between the eyes delivered by a sympathetic friend?
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Teamwork is often perceived as a well-rounded catch phrase that should lead to a sugary “culture of love”, illusory consent among functions, and sweeping conflicts under the rug. It’s time to take a down-to-earth look at healthy partnership and cooperation. The scenario of the speech is based on the “dysfunction / antidote” scheme and will be customized to the challenges in your organization. Szymon introduces funny labels for the most common pathologies, which in the future will make each participant think twice before they go for similar, toxic patterns in their contacts with others.

Perfect for: Employees representing different functions and perspectives, yet working on joint goals and projects.

  • Down with “appanage principalities”: Focus on the ultimate common goal, not on your function or expertise.
  • Down with a boring meeting cycle: Introduce a culture of dynamic stand-ups and energetic briefings.
  • Down with questioning the decisions taken: Disagree and commit; when time for debate is over, it’s time for disciplined action, without dissent.
  • Down with escalating problems: Instead of triggering an e-mail “eye for an eye” argument, grab the phone and solve the problem in two minutes.
  • Down with childish mockery: React strongly to sarcasm, irony and making fun of other teams.
  • Down with easy biases and stay-by-the-coast personality: Dare to sail offshore, meet the dragons.
  • Down with workplace gossip: Avoid sharing sensitive information; what happens in the changing room stays in the changing room.
  • Down with hypocrisy: Call things by their name; say just the same things in formal meetings and in back rooms.
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A modern organization is a very complex system; it is no longer a predictable, hierarchical structure. Moreover, black swans (sudden events with vital consequences) each year make us move through unfamiliar territories. We are constantly surprised, and the effects of our actions are difficult to predict. Market pressure is already stronger than ever, but it will become even more acute in the forthcoming years. The dust will not settle, and chaos will intensify. Take a dose of safe, yet effective, inspirational pills that will allow you to cope effectively in a crazy world.

Perfect for: teams operating in a changing, disturbing, and unpredictable business reality.

  • WELCOME TO THE VUCA WORLD: Get ready for a rollercoaster ride.
  • ZOOM OUT: Get the right perspective on things that bother you.
  • SCENARIO THINKING: Do not stick to one and only option; consider at least three possible visions of the future.
  • FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL: Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  • TWENTY-MILE MARCH: The more confusing the environment is, the more regular and rhythmic your daily performance should be.
  • CUT OFF FRINGES FROM YOUR KID’S BIKE: Reduce activities that do not contribute to the core of what you do.
  • EMOTIONAL RAINCOAT: Detach yourself from rumors and exciting gossip.
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Time to translate innovation, which is one of the most worn-out and misinterpreted business slogans, into day-to-day practice. The practical, hands-on approach allows us to break away from the paradigm of rocket-science and breakthrough innovation, in favor of a constant search for small “tweaks” in our everyday work. However, creativity is only one piece of the puzzle. Energetic experiments and simulations will prove how important it is to stay curious, take responsibility for the laborious implementation of fresh ideas, and support solutions initiated by others, in such a way that the organization becomes more agile and new ideas turn into positive business results.

Perfect for: teams stuck with old habits and looking back at the good old times.

  • CURIOSITY: There is no creativity without openness, so we must face the brutal facts and changing reality. Why do we need to overcome our elevated egos, resulting from past successes?
  • SIMPLE WAYS: How can we find inspiration in solutions introduced in other organizations and industries? How can we adapt these ideas to our environment? What workable solutions could add value outside the core of our business?
  • EFFECTIVE COALITION: The power of innovation depends not on the innovator, but the followers. Why should we support a lonely freak who wants to do something good in the organization?
  • EXECUTION: Each innovation is only as good as its final implementation. How can we find a fulcrum and a lever for complex changes and projects? What should we do to heat the whole process by one degree each day?
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An inspirational meeting based on Szymon’s third book and the assumption that customers love to buy, but they hate being faced with aggressive selling. Despite long years of shaping the customer experience, the ties between salespeople and their clients still are weak and superficial. Therefore, instead of acquiring new sales techniques or manipulation tricks, we should reprogram the general attitudes of customer service consultants and sales representatives. It is time to reinforce natural bonds between the consultant and the client, based on curiosity, passion, partnership, and valuable insights.

Perfect for: all people working with clients, looking for fresh inspiration to strengthen and monetize their relationship.

  • Let your customers know about you: Build your own unique brand. Everything is going to be BETTER with you!
  • Make them buy from you: Take a deep dive into the fascinating world you operate in; be a passionate, essential partner for your client.
  • Make them happy: The phrase “Absolutely, Positively, Anytime” highlights the importance of work ethic, reliability, and real support.
  • Make them stay with you: One-on-one relationships will be not enough; the concept of a reverse bowtie is needed.
  • Make them buy more: Do not fill a bathtub with the stopper pulled out. Make the most of farming before you hunt.
  • Make them recommend you to other clients: Give your clients a clear, memorable reason to share their positive stories about you with their families, colleagues, or friends.
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For many employees, development is all about formal training. They expect someone to provide them with a crystal-clear career path and adequate learning opportunities. Meanwhile, each of us plays different roles, has different skills and aspirations, and eventually different learning preferences. That is why, in this case, everyone should paddle their own canoe: create the future concept for themselves and actively seek opportunities to develop. The speech is based on four non-obvious dilemmas that allow each participant to understand themselves better and find the perfect “golden mean” between the extremes and create their own development compass.

Perfect for: Employees who are too passive, skeptical or exhibit a narrow approach towards development opportunities.

  • Dilemma 1: STRUCTURE vs. NATURE. When should you take advantage of long-term, structured learning, and when is it better to just switch to individual bite-sized learning along the way?
  • Dilemma 2: SPECIFIC TRAINING vs. GENERAL TRAINING. To what extent should you focus on specific skills that are needed here and now, and to what degree should you consider general competences of the future, in order to make your professional career injury-proof?
  • Dilemma 3: GAPS vs. STRENGTHS. When (and why) should you focus on your talents and make your strengths more robust? When do you really need to bridge the gaps?
  • Dilemma 4: CLEAR GOAL vs. SPONTANEOUS JOURNEY. In a volatile environment, should you have a clear goal combined with a thorough development plan (and stick to it), or should you stay open to unexpected opportunities?
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Let’s break some myths about motivation – in a constructive way. Recent provocative research proves that catch phrases such as “do what you love, love what you do and you will never have to work again” are far from corporate realities. People look for passion where there is none and tend to believe that they should feel the flow 24/7, while the multitude of mundane tasks makes them frustrated, raising even more questions about the meaning of work. Forget the slogans and discover five energy resources for yourself; regain balance and optimism – and recharge your batteries to get ahead of the challenges around the corner.

Perfect for: Teams overwhelmed with the burden of day-to-day work or dealing with the Groundhog Day Syndrome.

  • Energy from THE CONTENT OF WORK. A delusion of continuous flow: most of the tasks we perform are (and will be) repetitive and monotonous; so let’s find the 10% that makes a special meaning.
  • Energy from ACHIEVEMENTS. The magic of small victories: when the feeling of progress and ticking off things from your checklist can galvanize you for the upcoming challenges.
  • Energy from WILLPOWER. Willpower is often more important than pure motivation based on wants and needs as long as you don’t deplete the well too soon and regularly refill it.
  • Energy from SHOCKS. The Phoenix Effect: launching a constructive fury and bouncing back after a huge crisis.
  • Energy from OTHER PEOPLE. Whom do you surround yourself with? The impact of positive warriors and destructive naysayers on your individual energy level.
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WINNING IN A TOUGH MARKET: lessons from positive fighters and go-getters

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Regardless of the challenge we face, Szymon always hits home with his lectures. He does not judge, nor does he preach; yet, he is always ready to tackle even the most difficult issues. Participants appreciate his authenticity, as he not only delivers simple and useful solutions but also creates a great atmosphere—even online!

Michał Świderski

Executive Director, B2C
PZU S.A. / PZU Życie S.A.

Szymon attracts and maintains the full attention of an audience of any size, no matter if it is 10 or 500 people. His speeches are free of gibberish and pomposity. Thanks to this, everyone feels they have participated in a dialog with someone they have known for years. Szymon quotes real-life examples that make his message even more credible and comprehensible. Finally, his speeches not only offer many aha moments but also encourage people to act.

Anna Roszewska

HR Director
Canal Plus

Everyone comes out of Szymon’s speeches amazed and inspired by his invaluable advice for the future—regardless of the level, function, and sometimes even preliminary skepticism toward such events. He wins people over instantly with his positive energy, informal style, and accurate, insightful observations. I strongly recommend cooperation with Szymon, because it is really, really worth it.

Katarzyna Bołtowicz

COO, Board Member

I recommend Szymon’s power speeches to all groups of managers, both beginners and the smartest people in the room. With an easygoing style and a healthy distance to himself, he quickly gets the audience on his side, including those who initially were the most skeptical and reluctant to change. Szymon’s speeches are full of energy, good humor, startling observations (sometimes bitter, but how true!), and loads of practical tips.

Magdalena Wróbel

HR Director

We have already invited Szymon as a keynote speaker several times. Szymon is in his element when he meets hundreds of people. His speeches are up-to-date, thoughtful, and fueled by his charisma. Cooperation with Szymon is extremely fruitful. He understands our industry, easily grasps the context and our needs—and thus, actually helps us to achieve our business goals.

Elżbieta Mytych

Vice President Sales and Customer Service
DHL Parcel

Szymon is a common-sense guy. He reaches out to everyone by using simple words, which everybody understands. He talks about things that might seem obvious, but they are vital, yet often ignored or forgotten. Szymon has an open personality, he does not create any distance between the speaker and the audience. He makes people want to listen to him and remember what he says. You can count on the real return on investment from his speeches!

Joanna Bogdańska

Head of Research and Applied Solutions
Merck Group

Meetings with Szymon are totally refreshing. The business world is very complex. Achieving ambitious goals demands making tough decisions and required the perfect coordination of various aspects. To that end, Szymon knows how to simplify things and inspires us with straightforward, yet highly workable and efficient ideas.

Ewald Raben

Raben Group

I have worked with Szymon for many years. He helps us to stop and reflect, by offering us touching stories and witty examples, which are appealing to the participants and eagerly quoted afterward. Some tips suggested by Szymon have been implemented and have quickly become part of our daily business. Finally, although I have listened to Szymon on many occasions, he does not repeat himself. He surprises us each time with totally fresh content.

Małgorzata Milczarek

HR Director
Sandoz (Novartis Group)

Szymon’s speeches are a real shot in the arm for Orange managers. They restore our confidence and agency. This is because Szymon narrates his thought-provoking stories simply and funnily. These stories are tailored to the reality we work in. Szymon easily identifies the context and provides accurate content in his speech. He is dynamic, natural, and credible in everything he does.

Bożena Leśniewska

Executive VP, B2B
Orange Polska

We have been cooperating with Szymon for over 10 years. His power speeches are extremely inspiring, engaging, and energizing. They make a long-lasting impression on his audience, both on employees and our business partners. We value Szymon’s individualized approach to every event. Szymon can customize the speech according to the audience and hold their attention from the first till the very last minute.

Krzysztof Kurek

Country Business Director
Bosch Power Tools

Szymon is a fantastic speaker! Meetings with him turn into energetic and inspiring shows that exceed everyone’s expectations. His excellent contact with the audience, professional background, and charisma are undoubtedly Szymon’s greatest assets.

Łukasz Radzymiński

Sales Director
Shell Polska

Nothing pleases us so much with our choice of a speaker as the fact that over the days that follow, participants quote his main thoughts and jokes that created the unique atmosphere of the conference. Szymon, this is what happens after your inspirational speeches, for which we would like to thank you once again!

Agata Strzelecka / Henryk Baniowski

Alior Bank

Some of Szymon’s other Clients include:


The record-breaking year of 2021

From January till June 2021, Szymon had delivered almost 40 power webinars and power speeches for groups ranging from several dozen up to several thousand attendees. This record-breaking trend continues; after a very busy summer, in September alone Szymon will give out 10 face-to-face speeches and power webinars for large audiences.

Power webinar “GROW” for nearly 300 attendees

A group of 300 partners, long-term clients and Szymon’s friends took advantage of free tickets to the “GROW” webinar (“Your Individual Development Compass”), delivered online by Szymon in July.

Beyond online: face-to-face events are back!

Along with loosening the COVID restrictions, since mid-June Szymon has been delivering face-to-face power speeches. It’s a lot of fun to be back on stage and establish direct contact with large audiences again!


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